Ram Punching and Round Cornering

Ram punching and round cornering are specialist forms of print finishing, using die-cutting that gives a perfect outer contour. Unusually, this shaping is done as the final process and can be used to shape booklets as well as cards.

ram punched brouchure for morrisons closed
ram punched brouchure for morrisons spread
whsmith discount cards
ram punched brouchure for morrisons closed
ram punched brouchure for morrisons spread
whsmith discount cards
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A Perfect Cut

Ram punching is the Rolls Royce of die-cutting. It allows for the precise cutting of paper into a solid shape, giving a perfect external contour. A ram punch works in the same way as a cookie cutter, trimming the paper to a specified shape. It works best cutting simple shapes and wide angles on coated board stock, such as credit cards and playing cards.

It’s also possible to shape stitched items such as pads, books and booklets by leaving a blind-edge on the ram punching tool.

We carry a range of stock tools including credit cards and loyalty cards, playing cards and tarot. We are experts in ram punching large volumes of personalised cards that have to be kept in a specific order for mass mailings.

Design Considerations

Ram punching is a fast process and is ideally suited to high volume work. The maximum size we can punch is 230 x 230mm. Flat pieces (e.g. cards) printed on coated board stock are much faster to punch than stitched booklets or uncoated paper stock.

If you would like to use our Ram Punching print finishing service for your next project get in contact with us today to discuss what we can do for you.

Round Cornering

We have a top-of-the-range round cornering machine that cuts a beautiful contour with no step between the curve and the straight edge. Our corner rounding machine is ideally suited to small and medium runs, and wire-bound booklets which are slow to ram punch but fast to round corner. Tooling is relatively inexpensive compared to ram punching (which is suited to high-volume work and different shapes).

We can cut a variety of radii, from 3mm through to 40mm and our in-house knife sets include 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 7mm and 10mm.

We can advise you as to whether to use ram punching or round cornering for a job. Simply contact us today to find out more!