Luxury Playing Cards

We are experts in luxury playing cards and offer a complete custom playing card service from design of the cards – both faces and backs – through to production and packaging.

A Long Term Investment

People collect cards; they specialise in collecting aces or jokers, different card backs or even whole packs. Even if we don’t consciously collect them, with their ability to carry happy memories of family games, many of us get emotionally attached to our packs of cards and we keep them, along with our other treasures, for many years. It is this extraordinary longevity of cards that makes a bespoke set a smart choice for forward-thinking companies.

However, the down side of this longevity is that if you get it wrong, it can cause a serious dent in your brand image for an indefinite amount of time. Playing cards are a very specialist item, and we are one of the leading specialists in the country.

Having a combined experience of nearly half a century in the card game industry, we are experts in all aspects of playing cards. We have specialist knowledge about the design, board stock, printing, finishes and packaging to produce some of the most top-end, high-quality playing cards available. We have designed and produced cards for children, for charities, for luxury brands, high street chains and specialist playing card retailers, and our knowledge is unique in the UK.

Your brand is safe in our hands!

Design Considerations

We only produce professional, casino-quality playing cards and our minimum order is 500 decks of a single design. We can produce cards in different sizes, such as bridge, poker, patience and tarot, which are ram-punched to shape. Our stock set of ram punch tools are specific sizes, and new tools are very expensive to produce, so the most economic option is to design your cards based on the shape of our cutting tools. Also, there are certain considerations regarding bleeds and margins. We provide full guidance including card and packaging templates for design purposes.

If you are looking to have some Luxury Playing Cards produced for your next project get in contact with us today to discuss what we can do for you.

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