Hot Foiling

Hot foiling is the application of a foil – a pigment or metallic – using heat and pressure to bond it to a range of substrates, including paper and card.

An Aesthetic Technique

Maybe it’s the inner magpie in all of us that it appeals to, but time and again print or packaging that has been foiled has shown itself to be an effective tool in catching the eye, winning interest and attention. It’s certainly one of our favourite print finishing techniques, and when combined with embossing or debossing to make a sculpted finish, is incredibly beautiful.Hot foiling is a versatile technique; it can be used to embellish print, create print or to personalise. Foils come in a wide range of colours and finishes. Most people are familiar with gold and silver foils, but the coloured metallics, pigment foils and transparent foils are much less well known and open up a whole array of design options.

Foiling 2D and 3D Objects

From business cards to letter heads, box coverings to personalised stationery, hot foiling has many applications. We have a range of specialised equipment so that we can foil many things from flat papers to 3D objects (boxes, shoes, handbags..!) With no minimum order, we can also use foil to personalise a single item with wording using our wonderful sets of brass letters, up to many thousands of copies using multiple foils closely registered.

Design Considerations

One important note to consider when designing work for hot foiling is that foils are not made in the PANTONE colours. So if your project needs the foil and print to match, you’ll need to choose the foil colour first then pick a spot colour that most closely matches.

If you would like to use our Hot Foiling service for your next project get in contact with us today to discuss what we can do for you.

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