Embossing and Debossing

If you are after a subtle finish to your project then our embossing and debossing service is ideal. This raises or depresses paper stock giving your print work a highly tactile finish.

blind debossing onto textured paper
blind embossed example
debossed gold foil example
blind debossing onto textured paper
blind embossed example
debossed gold foil example
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Putting The Soul Back Into Print

Less than a century ago, letterpress printing was the norm – inked type was gently pressed into the paper creating a very slight deboss and making each impression subtley different to the last. Print technology has moved at a fast pace though, and nowadays vast print runs of identical flat pieces can be produced with ease and speed. However, modern printing has resulted in printed pieces being described by some as soul-less because of their lack of character and individuality. That is where embossing and debossing has real value as a print finishing technique, by putting the character back into the paper.

More Than Just A Tactile Technique

Embossing raises the surface of the paper, and debossing pushes an impression into the paper. Embossing can either have straight sides, or can be a sculpted 3D shape. As well as being tactile, the interplay of light and shadows created make embossing and debossing highly visual and attention-grabbing techniques.

Used on their own, purely to change the shape of the paper, embossing and debossing are called ‘blind’. However, both techniques can be combined with print: for example a printed logo can be embossed to give it extra prominence. Additionally, the two methods can be combined with hot foiling too, creating a foiled emboss or deboss.

Heat Responsive Papers

A recent development in paper production has brought exciting opportunities for debossing: heat responsiveness. These papers, when blind debossed with heat, subtley change colour as well as the usual indentation. This is great for the coverings of luxury presentation packaging as well as a range of other applications.

Design Considerations

The height or depth that can be achieved is very dependent on the paper stock that we’re embossing or debossing. If you plan to have an area of digital or litho print embossed, please run the choice of papers past us first, so we can advise which will be best for this print finishing technique.

If you would like to use our Embossing and Debossing service for your next project get in contact with us today to discuss what we can do for you.