Box Making

We specialise in designing and making custom luxury packaging boxes. Our box making service with no minimum order size so we can make you something truly unique and personal.

Luxury Packaging

Our small, highly skilled, in-house team can design and make luxury presentation packaging to your exact specification. Using specialist art papers and a range of different techniques on our reclaimed vintage presses, we can make extraordinary packaging to meet the needs of our clients. Furthermore, there’s no minimum order.

Our custom box making service when combined with our other print-finishing techniques, such as hot foiling, embossing and debossing, make some seriously gorgeous packaging!

Whether you’re looking for specialised storage boxes, a simple rigid box and lid design covered with art papers, or a more complex fitment box with a custom insert to hold the product in place, we have the expertise to design and make timeless boxes for you.

BOXES FOR Luxury Packaging

Some of the box types we produce are as follows:

  • Folding Cartons
  • Fitment Boxes
  • Drop-lid Boxes
  • Case Making
  • Shoulder Boxes
  • Custom Shapes

Luxury Packaging Uses

The custom boxes we’ve made for clients have been used for:

  • Presentation Boxes for Photographic Portfolios
  • Luxury Product Packaging
  • Luxury Playing Card Boxes
  • Gift Boxes for Wedding Favours
  • Custom Boxes for Jewellery

Replacing the Trees

We have a strong environmental ethic and we have our own grove of trees in the Great Caledonian Forest. We are committed to giving back more than we take, so depending on the size of the order and amount of materials used, we will plant trees in our grove and dedicate it to you.

You can read more about our environmental policy and our grove of trees below.

Types of Luxury Packaging Boxes We Make...

Drop Lid Box

An example of french finishing

A drop lid box is a rigid box with a separate base and lid. Covered with specialist art papers, there are a variety of covering techniques to choose from, such as French Finishing (pictured above). We can foil multicoloured designs onto any side of the box.

Case Making

An example of Case Making

Case making involves covering flat pieces of card to produce either a case-style box, or a flat product as pictured above. Case making techniques are great for making hard-backed book covers and boxes with hinged lids. We can embellish with foil, embossing or debossing.

Custom Box Shapes

An example of custom box making and design

Sometimes a standard box shape just won’t do! We have the capability to design and produce many different styles of complex boxes. From fully lined in a contrasting colour or texture, to windows, thumbholes, fitments and information cards, we can design and make the perfect box.

Folding Cartons

example of a folding carton

A box that has been die-cut and creased and can be stored flat is a folding carton. You can assemble them to order so they take up less storage space. We have all sorts of clever ways to combine colours and embellish with foil and embossing, to make beautiful cartons.

Fitment Boxes

example of a fitment box

Many products need to be held in position inside a presentation box: for display, to keep the products separate or for safety. We call these fitment boxes. We can make beautiful fitments from a range of materials, from fabric and foam to complex die-cut platforms.

Shoulder Boxes

example of shoulder box design

If you’re looking for a sleek presentation box with a perfect outer contour and lots of visual impact, a shoulder box could be for you. The shoulder allows the lid and base to be the same size. If covered in a contrasting colour, the shoulder can be a highly visual element.

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