Giving Back to Nature With Trees for Life

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Image courtesy of Trees for Life

As passionate environmentalists, giving back to nature was our core founding principle. Replacing trees and re-wilding the Scottish Highlands with Trees for Life is just one aspect of this.

An Obvious Choice

When working with paper and card, you are keenly aware that these wonderful materials have come from trees – albeit managed forestry – but trees nevertheless.

The trouble with managed forestry is that it is first and foremost a crop. Trees are planted densely as a monoculture. This generally speaking isn’t good for the wider eco-system, which thrives on diversity.

When looking at ways of giving back to nature and minimise the impact of our business, we discovered the Scottish charity Trees for Life. They have set out to reforest and rewild the Scottish highlands, which used to be richly forested with a wide variety of species.

Why We Chose Trees for Life

We felt Trees for Life had the right idea and their goals surrounding re-wilding not just re-foresting really chimed with our own environmental and ethical stance. To date they “…have established 44 tree planting sites and planted nearly two million trees”. An amazing achievement.

Our Contribution

Each job we do, we use a proportion of the profits to buy trees for our very own Card Couture Grove. Since finding Trees for Life, we’ve donated 70 trees – a drop in the ocean of the 2 Million planted – but we’re pleased with our progress so far.

Help Our Grove Grow

You can help our grove to grow, even though you may not require our services at the moment. Contributing to it is quick and easy and we and the planet would be eternally grateful! In recognition you’ll also get a nice big thank you on our grove page too.

The button below takes you through to our dedicated page on the Trees for Life website where you can simply add your chosen donation.