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Gilt Edged Business cards are an impressive way to make a connection with new contacts. Rather than just a piece of card with your name and details on, choosing to gilt edge your business cards not only makes a statement, but you’ll be giving to future prospects a card they’ll want to keep. This means more mindshare for you in your future customer’s or client’s eyes.

What is Gilt Edging?

Gilt Edging or Edge Gilding is the application of a metallic foil onto the edge of paper or card. When done correctly the finish is flawless to the point that a stack of Gilt Edged business cards can look like one solid block of metal.

Design Considerations for Gilt Edged Business Cards

Edge gilding on business cards is most impactful if the board used is thick, so when seen individually the gilding still makes a noticeable impact.

There are many creative print finishing techniques that we offer and edge gilding can be combined with any number of them.

For example to create a thicker weight board you could opt for duplexing (the lamination of paper on to board). We use this technique quite a lot as it means colour can be used without resorting to offset printing.

Laminating a coloured sheet onto a piece of cardboard can create an interesting looking “sandwich edge” but you might not want that look and prefer the edge to be a solid colour, either the same colour or a contrasting hue to the papers used for the fronts and backs of the business card. Gilt edging the cards can overcome this.

Get Creative Colour Coordination

The foils available for edge gilding are highly varied. Not only are the obvious metallic colours like gold and silver, available, but also a variety of other metallic colours too.

Edge Gilded Business Cards
Different papers can be used for each side of the card adding texture and interest

Because we specialise in pressure based printing techiques, we can print your details onto the surface of the card using the same colour foil – using a process called hot foiling. This really ties the look of the business card together in a highly impactful and aesthetically pleasing way.

Choose Gilt Edged Business Cards

If you want to take advantage of our edge gilding service (other companies who offer this service do!), then be sure to get in touch with us as we’d love to produce your business cards and make them absolutely stunning.