About Us

Born out of a passion for making beautiful items for our exclusive client base over several decades, we launched Card Couture as a business in its own right in 2015, so that more people can access our services.


We offer a range of print-finishing services, and our areas of specialism are small runs of high-end bespoke work and luxury playing cards. We are also experienced and skilled in complex high volume ram punching jobs, particularly when the work is personalised and has to be kept in a specific order.


Luxury brands choose to work with us because our many years of experience of producing top-quality work mean that we understand the design process and need for quality that those brands require.


Small businesses choose to work with us because, from our own humble beginnings, we understand that many customers have bespoke requirements for boxes and print-finishing services, but only need limited quantities. Luxury playing cards aside, we have no minimum order quantity.


Large companies choose to work with us because we have the drive, commitment, flexibility and capability to deliver a high quality service on time.


We are Card Couture and we look forward to working with you on your next creative project!

What We Do...

We are a traditional box maker specialising in using Heidelberg windmill presses to create impression based printing, which we combine with hand finishing to create luxury packaging.


The work we do is meticulous and done with the utmost care and attention to detail. Each piece of packaging we create for our clients is timeless and becomes a collectable extension of their products.


We carefully select and combine the best art papers all while ensuring that the environmental impact of the packaging we make is as low as possible.

What We DoN'T Do...

Our environmental policy (see section below) is our guiding principle. We have listed below processes we feel don’t fit with our environmental policy and the reasons we have chosen not to do them.

Printing with Ink

Industrial inks are incredibly toxic. Making them and disposing of any associated waste is detrimental to the environment.

Our Alternative

Using blind impression based printing (Embossing or Debossing)

Hidden Magnets

Combining rare earth metals with paper and card makes packaging difficult to recycle.

Our Alternative

Using precision to make very close fitments so that boxes close snugly

Matt Lamination

Laminating paper and card with a plastic film makes them unrecyclable

Our Alternative

Choosing the right paper creatively can create a far more impressive and lasting finish.

Plastic/Film Windows

The plastic or film for window packaging tends to be made from an unrecyclable plastic.

Our Environmental Policy

When we’re not making beautiful boxes or gorgeous business cards, you’ll find us exploring the great outdoors. We feel passionately about the natural world, and are very aware of the impact our business and daily lives have upon it.

From the beginning, our ethos has been to minimise the environmental impact the packaging we make has. We also wanted to go further and to give back much more than we take. For this reason, we support the charity Trees for Life.

Trees for Life

Through our support of the charity Trees for Life we have our own grove of trees in the Great Caledonian Forest, and we plant new trees depending on the size of your order and the amount of materials used. The aim is to plant many more than we use. When we plant trees, we dedicate them to our clients. Our grove has its own webpage – please do take a look.